There are many different applications for language learning, mining cryptocurrency, investments, travel, and so on. In addition, there are other apps that help children and adults to take care of their psychological health. These have been developed especially for mental health and well-being. Inability to meet with friends, fear for the health of loved ones, self-isolation – all this makes lockdown a stressful period. In this article, we have described 12 gadgets and apps to help with anxiety.

Headband to track meditation

Meditation is a popular practice for relaxing the mind. The Muse device will make it even more effective. The device reads the electrical activity of the brain when you put it on your head. Based on their information, Muse selects the musical accompaniment. The calmer the consciousness, the quieter the sound.

The device connects to the Muse: Meditation & Sleep app. It stores reports of your meditation sessions: how your heart rate, breathing, and brain activity were during the practice. This data helps you track your progress in relaxation skills.

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Headphones with alpha rhythm

Such headphones play music with alpha waves that are read by the brain. This effect relieves stress because physiologically the alpha rhythm only occurs in a calm state.

The headphones can be connected to the Melomind app. In the app, you can track brain activity, which is displayed in the form of a graph. The device is recommended for use during meditation and before going to sleep.

Audiovisual Stimulation Machine for Brain

The Kasina Mind Machine system consists of remote control, headphones, and electronic glasses. The device affects the brain using sound and light. You can listen to relaxing melodies through the headphones, and through the glasses, you can observe colorful visual effects. It helps to forget about negative emotions and get rid of stress.

The electromagnetic patch

The FeelZing is an electronic patch to be glued to the skin behind the ear. The device emits electromagnetic waves that affect the brain, reducing anxiety.

The creators claim that the FeelZing allows the balance between the two parts of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the functioning of internal organs. One of its parts – sympathetic – is responsible for the activity. The other, the parasympathetic one, creates a calm mood. According to the creators, the patch helps maintain an optimal balance so that both departments work with the same intensity.

Electronic diffuser for aromatherapy

Aromeo Sense is an electric aroma lamp that will help create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, relax and fall asleep faster. It spreads the scents of essential oils in the air, plays soothing melodies, and can work as a lamp. It is a safer alternative to the classic aroma lamp, which is heated by a candle flame.

The Smart Sleepband

During lockdown and the transition to remote work, many people have a disrupted daily routine and insomnia appears. The manufacturers claim that the Sleep Shepherd device will help to solve this problem.

Someone puts the band on the head like a bandage. Built-in sensors monitor the electrical signals of the brain, collecting data on the total duration of sleep and the individual phases. The statistics are displayed in an app.

Sleep Shepherd also plays binaural rhythms, that is, it sends sounds with different frequencies to the ears. They affect brain activity and help you calm down and fall asleep.

A bracelet that monitors anxiety levels

The Ivy bracelet will help you monitor your mental and physical health. The device analyzes your heart rate and breathing and then uses that data to determine your stress level and its possible cause. It also tracks the menstrual cycle, because the manufacturers are positioning Ivy as a bracelet for women.

The device synchronizes with the app. It displays your vitals and personalized recommendations on how to improve your well-being – for example, the algorithm calculates the optimal physical activity for each day.

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Blue Light Projector

The Dodow device projects a spot of blue light onto the ceiling. The manufacturers suggest observing it and synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of the pulsation. When the spot expands, you need to breathe in, when it narrows – to exhale. This has a calming effect and helps you fall asleep.

Hand Massager for the Body

Beurer ST100 Stress Releazer is a handheld device for vibromassage for all areas of the body: arms, legs, neck, back. It works without wires and is charged from the outlet. The device has a heating function – the heat helps your muscles relax after a day of work or strength training.

To control the massager, you need to connect it to the Beurer CalmDown app. In this app you can select a relaxing melody, breathing cycle, heating, and vibration intensity.

The Happify app

Relaxation in game form. The Happify app teaches positive thinking through exercises disguised as mini-games. For example, in one of them, you have to click on the words associated with positive emotions. You can also set goals for the day, keep a gratitude journal, and meditate.

So thanks to modern technology you can buy any device for you or your child. Such a device can become essential help and support for your psychological condition. It is necessary to maintain your well-being.

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash